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Ok, apologies in advance everyone. I have rarely been so excited about a new set of releases (and given my propensity for getting over excited about books, this is quite a statement). HOWEVER, you need to see these!

I have the beautiful summer editions, three of the four glorious winter editions (oh, for the elusive Little Women!), and eagerly preordered the delicious sage green spring editions, which are being released in April 2021. Here, enjoy some of my photos of these wonderful laser cut Thomas Nelson editions…but keep on going to see what’s coming.

The winter editions were something brand new and exciting, the summer editions injected some delectable colour to the collection. I am excited to meet the spring editions, when they arrive in April. But I recently stumbled across the fall editions, and I can’t quite find the words to describe how stunning this feat of design is. I love the gothic, and Thomas Nelson have chosen to go FULL gothic with the fall editions. I absolutely approve, and I have already gone ahead and preordered the rest of the collection – and can’t wait for them to be delivered at the end of August 2021.

The choice of a very dark outer layer provides an excellent contrast, and shows how the collection as a whole will come together. They will look just stunning altogether on a bookshelf. I love the choices, and this is a fantastic set of titles to finish a really lovely set.

Without further ado, there will be:


Preorder it here

Sense & Sensibility

Preorder it here

Shakespeare in Autumn

Preorder it here

Anne of Green Gables

Preorder it here

Snap them up quickly, I think these are going to sell out in no time (especially that Dracula!)


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